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Consider the team behind Blue Horseshoe Alerts your own personal research staff committed to helping you achieve trading success.

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Our exclusive research and selection methodology identifies companies with growth potential for you.

The Blue Horseshoe Alerts team scans a universe of more than 1000 stocks that have market caps from $1 million to $6 billion, doing an average trading volume of at least 250,000 shares. Liquidity allows for a much easier entry/exit.

Our experts look at ways to invest in emerging trends for example, the move toward on-demand software in the tech sector and towards organic foods in the grocery industry that do little to benefit large companies but can signal a potential big win for small or mid-cap companies.

The team researches stocks within industries, examples include: alternative energy and consumer electronics, with the goal of picking small and mid-cap names that could outperform not only their big-cap peers, but the market as a whole. For example, within the video game industry, while the crowd was focusing on large cap players, Blue Horseshoe Alerts was pounding the table on smaller, up-and-coming names.

Greed is good, so you always have to be on point, timing is every thing.

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